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Arcsaber 10 Taufik Legends Edition

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Yonex Arcsaber 10 Taufik Hidayat Badminton Racket is a Legends edition model. The Arc10 was a favourite of many top singles players before the Arc11 replaced it. Cup Stack Cabon Nanotube is a form of carbon cones that sit together to improve the whip back of the racket head through the hit. The way the stack works, it allows the shuttle to sit on the string a little longer to improve the control. Super High Modulus Graphite - integrated into the outside of the frame and produces immense power. This combined with Cup Stack Carbon Nanotube allows a hard shot to be controlled.

Ultra PEF (Poly Ethylene Fibre) is a shock absorbing poylmer used in the shaft. PEF is light but can take immense forces helping to strengthen the shaft and enhance feel. T-Joint - a new lightweight t-joint has been molded deep into the layers of graphite where the frame connects with the shaft. This creates a durable high strength one piece frame that is torque free and provides the badminton player with greater power and accuracy.

Control Support Cap is a wider top cap to allow a higher control at the very top of the grip. Racket is supplied strung and comes with a full length Taufik cover in red and black with two small side pockets.
•Taufik Hidayat Edition
•Cup Stack Carbon Nanotube
•Super HMGraphite
•Ultra PEF Shaft
•Control Support Cap
•Isometric Slim Head
•3UG4 - Made in Japan
•Supplied Strung
•Tension Range 19-24lbs
•Full Length Taufik Cover

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